Please Note: The Virginia Police Canine Association cannot accept donations of animals or place animals in homes. Our Members are law enforcement officers with a multitude of duties. Each Member Agency has differing criteria for purchasing police animals, and these agencies would need to be contacted directly in regards to their specific criteria. We are happy that dog owners are looking for groups to take dogs that would be good for police work. Unfortunately, we cannot assist with placement of animals. We encourage anyone looking to find a new home for a great dog to contact the ASPCA, their local SPCA, or check our Links page for a rescue organization.

We do not employ persons, nor do we offer intern programs. All of our members are law enforcement officers. Please contact Professional Canine Services or a breeder/trainer if you are looking for assistance in becoming educated in training of service dogs.

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Legal Advisor Sandra Sylvester 703-792-6050
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General Contact Information

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